Rally point
Our Story

After almost 15 years of military service, Moses has always wanted to help people. Through his experience in the military, Mental Health is always at the forefront of his mind. Together with his partner Harriett, who handles the day-to-day administration and behind-the-scenes logistics, they have brought Rally Point fitness to Mid Canterbury.

“We wanted to bring fun fitness classes to places in our community that are just too far out of town to make an everyday gym membership a reality. Living on the outskirts of town can feel very isolating and fitness classes offer an opportunity for friends, families and neighbours to get together and have some social time while getting fit together.”

Physical health and fitness, along with a healthy lifestyle, go a long way in supporting mental health and wellbeing.

You don’t have to be a gym buff or a triathlete to join our classes, just come and get your body moving, have a few laughs with friends and come back for more the next day.

Rally Point community classes travel to where you are – everywhere from Hinds to Rakaia and just about everywhere in between. Harriett and Moses look forward to being part of your fitness journey.

Our Team

Rally Point Moses 614px


Head Coach / Certified Trainer

Coach Moses completed almost 15 years of military training and, after multiple tours through Afghanistan, East Timor and Iran he has found Ashburton home. A certified trainer, parent and farmer, he still finds time to coach rugby between the Rally Point classes.

Rally Point Harriett 614px


Woman in Charge

Ashburton born and bred, Harriett is no stranger to fitness and used to ride competitively as a cyclist through high school. These days, she prefers to manage everything behind the scenes at Rally Point while still continuing to teach during the week.

rally point

The Military term used to describe a designated safe area for troops to meet or regroup if they get lost.

Feeling lost? Don’t know where to go?

Join us at Rally Point, we’ll keep you safe!